ALL seats to be recycled must have all fabric removed before drop-off.

How long are children's car seats and booster seats safe?Kidseat Recyclers
“Going Green with that Old Car Seat.”

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Melrose Kids Inc. is excited to announce Alberta's first recycling program for used and expired car seats. 

Recycle Program

Kidseat Recyclers is accepting all used and expired seats at various drop-off locations, round-up clinics and community clean-ups in and around Calgary. Thanks to the help of our partners, we are also servicing more and more communities throughout Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Please check our event calendar for all our upcoming recycling events and our drop locations page for a location near you.

Mandatory Recycling Levy Fee: $10 per car seat as of June 1st, 2011.

Kidseat Recyclers Cost Analysis

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October 2015 Kidseat Recyclers roundup calendar

UPDATE - Children’s car seats and booster seats: How long are they safe?

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