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Kidseat Recyclers

“Going Green with that Old Car Seat.”

About Us

Melrose Kids Inc. is excited to announce Alberta’s first recycling program for used and expired car seats.

Recycle Program

We are now accepting all used and expired seats at various drop-off locations, Round-Up Clinics and Inspection Clinics around Calgary. Kidseat Recyclers is the first recycling program of its kind in Alberta focused specifically on keeping the thousands upon thousands of car seats that are thrown away every year out of the landfills. We will ensure that every part of the seat that is recyclable, including metal, plastic and any usable parts, will be properly recycled or reused.

Mandatory Recycling Levy Fee: $10 per car seat as of June 1st, 2011.

To Donate an un-expired car seat to families in need:

1. Start by turning your seat over and identifying the date of manufacturing sticker. Most seats expire between 6 to 8 years. (Check here to see how long your particular carseat is good for.) Some car seats have an expiry date stamped on the back of the car seat.

2. If your seat is at least 2 years from expiry, has not been involved in a motor vehicle accident and has all necessary parts, it can be considered for reuse. The $10 levy will still apply to seats delivered to our drop zones. If it is your intention to donate the seat, please print a waiver form here and include with the seat.

To Recycle a seat:

1. REMOVE ALL MATERIAL AND STRAPS from each seat. We cannot deal with the amount of waste this produces.

2. Click here to find a drop location nearest you.

3. A mandatory levy fee of $10 is required for each seat. This levy covers all hard costs associated with the recycling of your seat including stripping the metal, re-chipping of the plastic and transportation and administration of the program.

4. If you choose to remove ALL MATERIAL AND METAL and drop off ONLY the plastic shell, the levy will be reduced to $7.

Please note: Any seats dropped at a drop zone after hours without the collection of the levy will be discarded as we cannot shoulder the cost associated with recycling a seat that hasn’t been paid for.