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London Drugs and Kidseat Recyclers Working Together to Divert Waste

London Drugs continues to extend waste diversion efforts beyond their stores and into Calgary communities.   

London Drugs is celebrating an impressive 93.4% waste diversion rate for its stores in 2015 through committed and aggressive recycling initiatives in stores.

In a continued effort to extend their waste diversion efforts beyond stores and into the communities they serve, London Drugs’ is once again working with a number of  Community Associations in Calgary, the City of Airdrie as well as the City of Lethbridge to host Community Cleanups. These events help divert waste from the city  landfills by encouraging community residents to responsibly recycle household items that are either at the end of their usable life or can be donated to local charities.  Kidseat Recyclers is proud to be a part of these events to accept used and expired car seats and help divert thousands of pounds of waste from city landfills. We will ensure that every part of the seat that is recyclable – including metal, Styrofoam, plastic and any usable parts – will be diverted or reused.

To see the complete list of Community Cleanup events visit:

Last year, London Drugs customers at all stores who dropped off their recycling contributed to over 11.5 million pounds of waste being diverted from landfills including 72,236 lbs of Styrofoam.

Customers can recycle the following items anytime at any London Drugs location:

  • Electrical and Electronic goods (TVs, VCRs, computers, monitors, printers, small appliances, etc.) are recycled through Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) and e-Cycle.  All electronic products are recycled back to their basic components before being shipped. London Drugs works diligently to ensure that our electronic recyclables are not shipped to sub-standard offshore facilities.
  • Styrofoam is recycled through FOAM Only.
  • Plastic and cardboard packaging from our products
  • Cell phones, PDA and rechargeable batteries are recycled through Call2Recycle.
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL’s) and fluorescent light tubes up to 4-foot lengths
  • Disposable cameras
  • Ink jet cartridges
  • Laser cartridges
  • Metal film canisters
  • Plastic bags
  • Pop bottles and cans (BC only)
  • Insurance plastic folders

London Drugs also carries hundreds of products with environmental advantages as well. Their ‘What’s the Green Deal’ product signs in stores point out products that have environmental benefits – from recycled content to certified organic production – in order to help customers shop a little greener without having to go to specialty stores.

We were nominated for Calgary Choice Award‘s 2011 Best Eco-friendly business. Congratulations to all the winners!


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When Calgary eco-moms Melanie Risdon-Betcher and Lavonne Ries learned that over 190,000 children’s car seats are thrown into Canadian landfills every year, they formed Kidseat Recyclers. “Car seats are rarely recycled,” says Risdon-Betcher, “even though they are so rich in resources.” The co-op has recycled more than 600 seats so far, stripping each one to its core. According to Risdon-Betcher, the disassembled pieces are usually turned into rope and carpet. “We’ve broken many a nail,” she says. “But it’s worth it.”

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“The following is a partial list of products that must meet safety requirements under the Hazardous Products Act and the Cosmetic Regulations:

Car Seats – Car seats must meet the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Before selling a used car seat, check with Transport Canada (1-800-333-0371 or for more information and to find out if the car seat has been recalled.”

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