Requirements & Fees

Want to recycle your seat? Here’s what you need to do:

1. REMOVE ALL MATERIAL (FABRIC) AND STRAPS from each seat. (The amount of waste this produces is too large for us to dispose of easily).

2. Click here to find a drop location nearest you.

3. A mandatory recycling levy of $15 is required for each seat. This levy covers all hard costs associated with the recycling of your seat including stripping the metal, re-chipping of the plastic and transportation and administration of the program.

Please note: Any seats dropped at a drop zone after hours without the levy will be discarded as we cannot shoulder the cost associated with recycling a seat that hasn’t been paid for.

4. Recycle Materials

Our goal is to recycle all the materials from each car seat and have now partnered with a few businesses in Canada that reuse some of the material from car seats. If you are interested in recycling the fabric and straps on your car seat, please contact the following businesses.

  • Straps only


Mariclaro Workshop c/o Willa Murray
14259 HWY 509
Snow Road Station, ON
K0H 2R0

Telephone: 1 (613) 278-1631
Email: info [@]

  • Straps only

U.S.E.D. Recycled Seatbelts
U.S.E.D. Recycled Seatbelts c/o Trevor Kehler

Box 3024
Revelstoke, B.C.
V0E 2S0

Telephone: 1-250-814-8331

  • Good quality fabric & straps

Bark'n Up the Green Tree

Bark’n up the Green Tree c/o Paula Brooks
156 Adelphi Street
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 1T7

Telephone: 1-613-354-9422

Thirty carseats for recycling by Kidseat Recyclers

What 30 seats look like in a pile… Imagine thousands that end up in the landfill every year!

phase one plastic recycling

Phase one of plastic recycled at recycling facility

phase two plastic recycling

Phase two of plastic recycled at recycling facility

View video of plastic being recycled on our Facebook page here. (Warning: it’s noisy!)